WordPatch™, a New Plug-In for WordPress, Automatically manages Custom Modifications to Core, Theme, and Plugin Updates.

Personal & Economy include a 1 Month Free Trial!

Every WordPress developer dreads updates

WordPress updates can lead to plugin errors, theme incompatibilities, and the most vexing repercussion of all: the update process overwrites any custom changes made to core, plugin, and theme files.

Developers take advantage of actions and filters in order to hook and customize functionality for their websites. But sometimes actions and filters do not offer all the extensible needed; bug and security fixes are discovered or features are required that need to be made to third-party code, and a pull request can take too long or is otherwise impossible.

When this is the case, the only option available is to make modifications directly to third-party code. Since WordPress can automatically overwrite these modifications during the update process, time and money are spent manually re-editing and uploading the files. That’s where WordPatch comes in.


Prevent loss of Modifications

Prevent your core, theme, and plugin modifications from being overwritten and lost during the WordPress update process. It uses Unix patch files to responsibly apply changes after updates are detected.

Real-time Recovery​

WordPatch provides a rollback mechanism and real-time recovery system with a state-of-the-art rescue panel in case you accidentally break your WordPress installation.

Receive Alerts

WordPatch sends you email alerts when a problem is detected as a result of a patch being applied.

Highly Configurable

WordPatch is highly configurable and modular, with built-in compatibility for many other popular WordPress plugins.

Simple & easy pricing

What you see is what you pay


1 Site
$ 49
00/ year
  • 1 Month Free Trial!


5 Sites
$ 129
00/ year
  • 1 Month Free Trial!


25 Sites
$ 179
00/ year
  • -$20 this Month Only!


Discover more about WordPatch

WordPatch is the ultimate plugin that enables serious WordPress developers to save time and money by automatically updating custom modifications, without the need to override changes.

More than 75 million websites—approximately 25 percent of all sites worldwide—manage their content through WordPress, the most popular content management system (CMS). Yet, as popular and useful as WordPress is, developers who use it are routinely required to make custom modifications to WordPress themes and plugins due to additional requirements for their websites.

WordPatch allows for automatic updating of custom modifications whenever there are updates to the WordPress platform as well as updates to themes and plugins. WordPatch works by tapping into the WordPress update process and reapplying custom modifications automatically, providing a seamless update experience. In the unlikely event that this process fails, there are safeguards in place that will enable WordPatch to roll back this process, through a time-based rule for administrator intervention as well as an automatic scan of common resolvable services URLs.

WordPatch automatically applies custom modifications (mods) for any of the following reasons:

  • WordPress is updated automatically.
  • WordPress has upgraded one or more themes and/or plugins.
  • The user has instructed WordPatch to apply one or more mods.

When WordPatch attempts to apply custom modifications, it will either succeed or fail to patch the appropriate files, and will then send the site administrator an email containing the following information:

  • The mod or mods that WordPatch attempted to apply.
  • The reason that WordPatch attempted to apply these mods.
  • A list of the mods that have failed, along with as much information as possible for each failed update.
  • Depending on the mode set by the user, either an “approve” link (when in Pessimistic Mode) or a “disapprove” link (in Optimistic Mode, WordPatch’s default setting) for each successful job.

In order to support a wide variety of configurations and environments with advanced security features, WordPatch is available on a site-license basis, at scalable subscription pricing:

Economy: $49.99/year for a single site
Personal: $129.99/year for 5 sites
Business: $199.99/year for 25 sites

For a limited time, we’re offering early adopters a 1 month free trial for our Economy & Personal packages.

WordPatch is the premiere offering of JointByte™, a new venture dedicated to offering innovative tech solutions. JointByte is a division of yours! Ltd, an entrepreneurial brain trust delivering paradigm-busting brand-marketing and lifestyle campaigns across multiple business categories and media platforms.

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