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WordPress Plugin Tool

WordPatch™, a new plugin for WordPress, automatically manages custom modifications to core, theme, and plugin updates.

WordPatch prevents your modifications from being overwritten and lost during the update process and provides a rollback mechanism and real-time recovery system in case you accidentally break your WordPress installation.

Who We Are

We Are JointByte

JointByte™ is dedicated to offering innovative tech solutions. We are a division of yours! Ltd., an entrepreneurial brain trust that delivers paradigm-busting brand-marketing and lifestyle campaigns across multiple business categories and media platforms.

Formed to call attention to the unique proprietary technology services available from yours!,

JointByte offers full eManaged solutions. We plan, implement, and support the IT infrastructure and applications of our client’s businesses, helping them survive and thrive in the global digital universe.

If you have questions, are looking for assistance, or just want to share your feedback with us, we're listening.